How to respond to an opioid overdose
Signs of an opioid overdose
• Person cannot be woken up
• Breathing is slow or has stopped
• Snoring or gurgling sounds
• Fingernails and lips turn blue or purple
• Pupils are tiny or eyes are rolled back
• Body is limp
Five steps to respond to an overdose
1. Shout their name and shake their shoulders

2. Call 9-1-1 if unresponsive

3. Give Naxolone. Inject 1 ampoule or vial (1 mL) into leg or arm muscle

4. Perform rescue breathing and/or chest compressions

5. If no improvement after 2-3 minutes, repeat steps 3 and 4

Preventing overdose
Avoid mixing drugs
or using with alcohol. Try to use one at a time and
use drugs before alcohol

Know your tolerance.
If you haven't used for a while (3 days or more),
your body cannot handle the same amount as before.
Start as if you have never used before.

Do a tester
and ask around if you have a new supply or dealer. Taste it,
smoke it, use a very small amount and see what others are saying.

Use with a friend
but avoid injecting at the same time in case one
of you needs help. If you use alone, do it somewhere you will
be found quickly if you overdose.

Have a plan.
Talk about overdose with people
you trust before it happens.

If you have any further questions about opioid overdose for TBAC, please do not hesitate to contact us here.