Information about naloxone
What is in a Naloxone kit?
Naloxone Kits include Naloxone and the supplies and information you, a family member or friend, need to know in terms of how and when to use it. Naloxone kits are portable pouches containing an opioid antidote that can be administered by injection or through the nose to revive an unresponsive person who is overdosing.

What is it used for?
To help reverse an opioid overdose. The kits include enough medicine to reverse opioid overdoses for 10-15 minutes, allowing time to access emergency services.

Who should get a Naloxone kit?
An opioid overdose can happen to anyone taking an opioid. If you, a family member, or friend are taking an opioid, including prescription opioids, get a Naloxone Kit.

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